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Name:Squall Leonhart

Character: Squall Leonhart
Series: Final Fantasy VIII, Kingdom Hearts/Chain of Memories/Kingdom Hearts II (as Leon)
Version: Final Fantasy VIII, taken post-canon
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, but taken.
Appearance: Considering some of the character designs found in other parts of the Final Fantasy series, Squall is almost surprisingly normal - almost to the point that his most defining feature ... is a lack of defining features, as there's very little that catches the eye about him. This is not to say however, that he's entirely unremarkable - merely that in his case function overrides fashion. His hair - a rather mundane shade of brown - is fairly short, only about chin length, if that. His choice of clothing is much similar in concept - a pair of black pants, black boots, black gloves and a black jacket over a white shirt. The collar of his jacket is trimmed in white fur, while an assortment of belts accessorize his pants - one in the place one would normally expect a belt to go, two more just underneath that in a sort of 'x' shape and finally three more partway down his thigh. Apparently the man likes his belts. Also of note is the scar across the bridge of his nose - a diagonal cut that goes from left to right (as one looks at him) - as well as the ring and necklace he wears almost constantly, each of which portrays the head of a roaring lion-creature that he calls Griever.

Personality: To say that Squall is antisocial would only be the tip of the iceberg. He's also afraid to trust and care for people because he doesn't want to have to have that feeling taken away. Sort of related is the fact that he has a slight paranoia of having people talking about him in the past tense if he dies. But if one can get past the cold exterior, he does actually care for people, even if he'd rather not. It's just that it takes a great deal of work to get there. So much so, in fact, that the only person to date to have that honor is Rinoa.

He also possesses and often demonstrates a good deal of leadership skill, even though usually he'd rather not be in the position.

Abilities/Weaponry: His weapon of choice is a gunblade - a weapon that looks like a strange cross between a sword and a revolver. In battle, Squall uses this weapon primarily like a sword, using the gun part at close range to increase the amount of damage his opponent takes - this is his primary attack strategy. However, his options in battle are not limited to just that - like many SeeDs he can summon an assortment of GFs, which in turn give him the ability to use a variety of spells. However, he generally prefers using his gunblade over either GFs or magic, although will use GFs and magic if he thinks the situation warrants it. In times of severe stress he can also unleash an attack called Renzokuken which consists of four to eight consecutive strikes with his gunblade followed by one of four finishing moves.

Weaknesses: Due to his general antisocialness and problems with trust and care, he has a problem with making friends - it usually takes a good deal of time before he actually warms up to anyone, possibly due to the fact that he's not good at relating to people in a casual, non-battle-oriented situation. However, despite this, he also has slight problems with abandonment - he doesn't like the feeling of being alone. Also, he occasionally has a tendency to put the well-being of others before his own. Finally, due to the GFs, Squall can no longer access some of his childhood memories.

History: Born to unconfirmed parents (although it's at least implied that his parents are Raine and Laguna Loire) Squall spent his earliest years in an orphanage. This lasted until Squall reached the age of ten, at which point he enters Balamb Garden to begin his training as a SeeD. Seven years later, at the age of 17, he passed the SeeD graduation exam. His first mission as a SeeD was to help a small resistance force free their town from Galbadia's control. One of the resistance force was Rinoa - this is first time that she and Squall formally meet (they'd met, although briefly, at the SeeD graduation ceremony). Unfortunately the liberation attempt doesn't succeed exactly as planned - during their attempt to assassinate the Galbadian ambassador, the Sorceress Edea, Squall and his allies are captured and imprisoned. Squall in particular comes out rather less than well in this encounter, as Edea strikes him through the chest with ice spear.
In retaliation for this attempt on Edea's life, Galbadia orders a missile strike on not only Balamb garden but also Trabia Garden - the two Gardens that played the largest role in the attempt on Edea's life. Luckily for all those involved, Squall and his fellow SeeDs manage to break out of prison and hurry back to reach the Gardens - although they arrive too late to save Trabia Garden, they manage to rescue Balamb Garden by activating some long abandoned machinery in the basement of the Garden that makes it capable of a rudimentary sort of flight.
Their attack on Balamb Garden thus foiled, the Galbadians turn their attention to Balamb town, apparently looking for a woman by the name of Ellone. Here Squall again comes to the rescue, liberating the town from Galbadian control before heading to Trabia Garden to see what they can do to help and offer Balamb Garden's aid and support. While there Squall and his allies, in part due to Rinoa, remember a memory that they had previously forgotten because of the GFs - they had all lived in the same orphanage as young children. The name of their primary caretaker at this orphanage? Edea.
Hoping to find more clues about their childhood as well as Edea - now Sorceress Edea - they decide to return to the orphanage. However, along the way they are ambushed by a similarly mobile Galbadia Garden. Not surprisingly, the two Gardens end up fighting - the Galbadians being more than a little displeased at having their plans repeated foiled. While the majority of the SeeDs are thus occupied, Squall and the others in his group infiltrate Galbadia Garden with the intent to find and defeat Edea. This time the attempt works to its intended purpose, although not without some unforeseen side-effects, as Rinoa falls into a coma at the end of the battle.
Edea, now returned to her normal self (she had been possessed by a sorceress from the future by the name of Ultimecia) proposes that they go to Esthar - not only to seal her powers and thus prevent Ultimecia from taking control of her again, but also because they may know what is wrong with Rinoa. Realizing that he'd do anything to help save Rinoa, Squall agrees to take Edea to Esthar.
Upon their arrival in Esthar, Squall and Rinoa are (somewhat to their surprise) sent to Esthar's lunar base which had been created to keep watch on the tomb of a fearsome sorceress that had once ruled Esthar - the Sorceress Adel. Upon their arrival, Rinoa - now controlled by Ultimecia - awakens and releases the seals on Adel's tomb, freeing Adel once more as well as triggering a phenomenon known as the Lunar Cry.
After their return to terra firma, Rinoa - now suspected of being a sorceress - is taken into custody by Esthar as they believe she may now pose a threat to the world. However, Squall is unwilling to believe that Rinoa could pose such a danger and goes to rescue her before heading to the Lunatic Pandora to defeat Adel. The defeat of Adel, however, allows Ultimecia to put her plan into motion at last - by compressing all of time into a single point she will create a world in which only she is able to live, a world which will continue on without end.
In order to defeat Ultimecia and end the time compression, Squall and his allies use to the time compression to their advantage - waiting until time is compressed to such a point that they can 'jump' into the future where Ultimecia waits. Fortunately, this unorthodox method of time-traveling works and they find themselves outside of Edea's castle and after a grueling battle, manage to defeat her. However, returning to their own time period afterwards proves to be a bit more difficult and along the way Squall gets separated from the others, finding himself lost and alone on a desolate plain. Luckily for all those concerned, Rinoa manages to find him in the void of time and bring him back safely to their own proper time. It is some point after this that Squall finds himself abruptly transported to Paixao.
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